Hammered Copper Tops

Copper being a natural element, can react to other metals such as Aluminum. It can also react to acid such as food acids. The wax finish we apply will protect the copper from most of these reactions. But we recommend that you follow some simple guidelines when using and caring for your copper table top.

Cleaning & Care:
Use only light hand soap and water to clean regularly. We recommend non-alkaline hand soap.

Do not use an abrasive pad or scrub profusely when cleaning. Copper is a relatively soft metal and will scratch or mar if too much force is used when cleaning. We recommend softly cleaning with a cotton wash cloth or rag.

Use coasters and placemats when enjoying the Hammered Copper Table Top. Acids in soft drinks, beer, or any number of beverages may interact with the patina coating. The same is true for a variety of foods.

We recommend you keep the table top dry. Continued exposure to water, i.e. repeated exposure to sprinklers or rain may cause the top to oxidize, creating a greenish patina. We also recommend you keep your top under a covered patio.

If your top is scratched or comes into contact with an acid, a shiny spot of bare copper may appear. The spot will eventually age back to the original dark brown finish over time.

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