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How to Throw the Perfect Summertime Patio Party

string lights over a white patio furniture in Houston

Looking for a taste of summer fun in your own backyard? What’s better than an exciting patio party amid comfy patio furniture in Houston.

Whether it’s your kid’s birthday, the first BBQ of the season, or you just want to invite friends over for a dip in the pool, plan your summertime fun with coordinated activities and themes. If you feel your guests may prefer more comfort, then prepare ahead of time by decking out your space with attractive accessories and furniture.

Then, think of some exciting backyard games and some mouth-watering recipes to whet their appetite. Believe us; they’ll be talking about your party all summer long!

Here are some creative and fun themes for a perfect summertime patio party!

1. Exotic Beach Party

Bring the beach over to your patio. A beach party on your patio is the way to beat the heat. It is a fun patio party theme laden with calming and exotic elements.

Start by relooking at your patio furniture in Houston. Pick an outdoor seating that’s inspired by the beach. Hues of blue or beige are ideal for a beach-themed party. Bring a touch of seashore with chaise lounges and umbrellas. Stretch lazily on chaise lounges, under an umbrella while sipping on your pineapple punch.

Below are a few suggestions for furnishing from our patio furniture Houston collection:

Next is your choice of decor and colors. Plush cushions in the bright shades like red or green bring out the best of your patio furniture in Houston. To match the theme, pick cushions with waves, anchors, starfish, seahorse, and fish prints. Plain white curtains swaying in the summer breeze and star-shaped string lights will add a dramatic feel to the ambiance.

“Soothing shades of blue or beige are ideal for a beach-themed party.”

Place small potted plants in a scattered manner, at a good distance from one another. This adds to the beach vibe! Also, you can choose a rug in the shades of grey or a pale blue for a contrasting effect.

2. Hawaiian Fruity Frenzy

Great food, bright colors; hammocks and fruit punch; lush green plants and water sprinklers, that’s the way to bring Hawaii to your patio!

To set up a Hawaiian-themed summer patio party for an unforgettable experience, pick vibrant patio furniture in Houston. Choose outdoor seating in colors as bright as the Sun!

Nothing defines Hawaii the way hammocks do! There are different kinds of hammocks based on the material used. You can find tufted, quilted, rope, and soft-weaved hammocks. Pick hammocks that suit your taste, and deck them up with colorful cushions.

Pick cushions that are radiant in the colors such as bright red, yellow, lime green, deep blue, and white. Going by the theme, you can pick cushions with floral prints, fruity prints, or leaf prints in contrasting colors! You can choose flower strings or bright wooden beads strings, too.

“For a Hawaiian-themed patio party, choose vibrant furniture and decor.”

Make bold choices with fruit punch-shaped string lights! Place as many pots as you want in any nook and corner! Also, you can go Boho with rugs.

No Hawaiian party is complete without a tiki bar set up for exotic cocktails! Also, don’t forget to set up a flashy counter with all things fruity, be it fruit punches, cut fruits, pies, and what not!

3. Country Style BBQ Party

This summer, host a classic and conventional country-style BBQ for your friends. Follow the tradition to a T or add a little twist of your own. If you’re planning an al fresco dining experience with BBQ, choose cozy wooden patio furniture in Houston. Go gingham with your tableware and tablecloths. Layer it up with a vintage-chic floral centerpiece or mason jars with flickering candles.

Twinkle lights, oil lamps, and tiki torches will add soothing lights at sundown. Choose whimsical lanterns and hang romantic string lights over the table area. In a summer soiree, dreamy plants like pampas grass and wildflowers add extra pops of colors to your table and surroundings.

“Choose vintage decor for a country-style BBQ party.”

Don’t forget the wheelbarrow with vintage sodas and bags of chips to enhance the essence of your patio party. Lastly, set up a tantalizing buffet along with games or cards to dwell into unending fun.

These are some exhilarating summertime patio party ideas to keep you engaged in the fun this season. For the best parties, you need perfect décor, accessories, and patio furniture in Houston. So, explore the collection at Houston Home & Patio and choose your party elements wisely.

Get the Best in Patio Furniture in Houston at Houston Home and Patio

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How to Throw the Perfect Summertime Patio Party| Houston Home and Patio – Houston, TX

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10 Fun Ideas for Fire Pits Houston

Fun Ideas for Fire Pits Houston

When you’re considering installing fire pits Houston, you must choose an arrangement that fits your fashion preferences and lifestyle. Though simple in concept, there are many ways to play with the classic setup, allowing you to create a thoroughly unique space. To help you craft your ideal relaxation zone, here are ten innovative ways to design your fire pit.

  1. Go With Gravel

Many fire pits use concrete or pavers to separate the space from the surrounding lawn visually, but installation can be expensive and invasive. If you prefer something a little more natural, you can opt for gravel instead.

  1. Choose Matte

Glossy finishes are popular for veneers and sealants, but what if you want something a little more subdued? Instead of going for a shiny finish, you can opt for a beautiful matte black paint that allows your fire pit flames to shine. This simple color choice also allows you more freedom with your outdoor furniture in The Woodlands.



  1. Rock the Space With Eclectic FurnitureInnovative Fire Pits Houston

Who says your patio furniture has to be typical? If you’re a fan of strange shapes and pops of color, you can go all out when selecting fire pit seating. Rocking chairs are a nice touch for anyone who likes to lounge with lemonade, while benches are a great fit for anyone who likes a rural feel to their outdoor space.

  1. Play With Pathways

Have you given any thought to connecting your patio or porch to your fire pit space via a pathway? Paved, stone, or gravel pathways are an excellent way to visually separate aspects of your backyard, creating a sense of order and cohesive planning. If you or loved ones have mobility issues, a flat, slip-resistant path is also a good way to ensure everyone can easily access the space.

  1. Take It Underground

Many fire pits are on raised platforms, but you can always buck tradition with a recessed option. The best part of this unique design is the built-in shelves and seating you can create. All you need is a few custom cushions and pillows, and you’re ready to host. Since these pits are often made of concrete, they’re also a good option for individuals who favor a modern style.

  1. Break Up the Green

If you have a wide expanse of grass, you can use your fire pit as a focal point. If you place it at the center of your yard, the space becomes a hub for hangouts. Fans of vibrant colors can also take the opportunity to add art or geometric designs to their pits for a dash of personality.

  1. Lay Some Chill Tiles

For fire pits that are part of or connect to patios, you can create cohesion with ceramic tiles. Not only do you have a wide range of choices when it comes to colors and textures, but tile layouts also allow you to create geometric designs and shapes.

  1. Make a Backyard CampfireFun Ideas for Fire Pits Houston

Fans of the outdoors can have a campfire any time by carefully crafting a camping-inspired fire pit setup. Piled rocks are a great décor choice, as are natural woods for benches and chairs. All you need is a few sticks, a bag of marshmallows, and a starry sky, and you can get the full camping experience in your backyard.

  1. String Up Some Lights

If you like to spend your evenings out in the backyard, lights can transform an ordinary fire pit into a magical place of respite. You can string up Christmas lights or shell out a few more buck for larger, more design-conscious bulbs — whichever you choose, the warm glow is sure to create a cozy atmosphere.

  1. Create a Private Nook

Finally, don’t leave greenery out of your design choices. Tall bushes or shrubs can create an aesthetically pleasing wall that converts your fire pit into a private nook. At the same time, the openness of the sky and lack of doors or gates keep the area from feeling too isolated.

Your outdoor spaces should be just as inviting and intriguing as a room in your home; that’s why patio furniture The Woodlands is designed to be comfortable and chic. The selection at Houston Home and Patio is wide-ranging, with many different tastes and influences taken into consideration. No matter your preferences, you’re sure to find something that suits your style. For more information, give us a call at (281) 440-7667 or contact us online.


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10 Fun Ideas for Fire Pits Houston | Houston Home and Patio – Houston, TX

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How Should I Decorate My Patio

patio furniture in Houston

Warm days and breezy evenings call for an outdoor space that is not only comfortable but also inviting for warm-weather entertaining. Whether you want to add patio furniture in Houston or sashay with some attractive finishes, there are many ways by which you can spruce up your space.

Here we present 5 quick and easy tips to create an outdoor oasis that you deserve:

patio furniture in houston1. Add Stylish Patio Furniture

After a long day of working nine to five, bring on the Zen by adding a stylish chaise lounge or rocking chairs for resting your derriere.

Most of these chaises are made from either steel frames or wicker making it incredibly durable and weather-resistant.

Add a side table for storage or to seat your refreshments, books, party supplies, and other personal effects.

Having a pool party? Find beautiful dining furniture to entertain your guests as you kick back with a delicious mango mimosa in hand.

“Chaise loungers are made from either steel frames or wicker that are durable and weather-resistant.”

2. Accessorize Inside Out 

When it comes to making your outdoor space comfortable and inviting, the options are limitless.

Imagine being able to change the look of an entire place by swapping out the rugs! Don’t ever underestimate the addition of a rug. Pick a rug that won’t get dirty quickly. Select one that brings out the beauty of the rest of your patio furniture in Houston.

Toss some pillows on the floor, and create an indulgent ambiance. Handcrafted pillows and cushions in sophisticated fabrics and intricate patterns are irrevocably outdoorsy.

Choose pillows in natural elements such as the colors of lagoon, rain-forest, or tropics. Floral designs mixed with textured patterns will create a bold statement while you can choose geometric shapes for an edgy style.

You can mix a splash of colors with neutral and earthy tones of your patio with bright accessories: mix greens and blues for creating vibrant layers or choose hot pink for your outdoor upholstery.  

 Add a comfortable glow with a flickering flame of candles in your patio. Scented pillar candles or jar candles are perfect additions for a woodlands feel. 

“Handcrafted pillows and cushions in sophisticated fabrics and intricate patterns are perfect for patio decor.”

3. Deck Up With Lights

patio furniture in houstonSnuggle up on your couch outdoors, enchanted with pixie lights over your head.

String lights are a blessing in disguise. You can make any dull old corner of your deck look alluring by hanging in a bunch of these.

On the wall or the couch – they fit anywhere. Also, setting them up is a piece of cake. Hang them about casually on a chair, or around your plants to relax your mood anytime.

You can choose from a long list of lights that come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

4. Add Green Vibes

Soften hard surfaces and add a “living” element to your overall decor by adding lush green plants or pots in your backyard.

Here’s where you can put them while making the most of your space:

  • Potted plants – Pick colorful pots that go with your furniture and adorn your patio. What’s more, you can also make your plant holder with colors of your choice.
  • Small potted succulents – Put them on the center-table or the window-sill. These look good anywhere.
  • Hanging pots –Colorful potted plants hanging from above look appealing.
  • Oasis garden – If you have no place for pots at all, you can hang ferns and let them serve as blinds.

“Make the most of your patio by adding green elements.”

5. Add Some Privacy

patio furniture in houstonCurtains, sun shades, and screens are perfect for insulating your lounge area from intruding neighbors or maddening traffic. Outdoor curtains offer shade and privacy so you can enjoy the perks of outdoor living.

You can turn your patio into a shady retreat with polyester curtains in darkening designs. They add a pop of style to your alfresco ensemble.

When you wish to block out the scorching sun rays from your patio, semi-sheer blinds are also a great option. They add a soft touch to your outdoor area. Choose curtains in colors that complement your patio furniture in Houston.

Whether you want to keep glare away from your TV screen or looking to reduce heat buildup in the patio, choose weather-resistant blinds with a cordless feature.

If you do not want the outside view to be blocked by thick opaque materials, here’s what you can do:

  • A series of string lights hung in place of curtains.
  • Ferns hung over from the deck, to serve as see-through curtains.
  • Strings of colored beads and other wooden toys make for a very colorful pair of curtains!

6. Antique Pieces

Like the icing of a cake, the last but the most essential step is to add in an antique piece as a decor item. For an antique touch, you can choose personality pieces in organic shapes and subtle colors. Create a unique aesthetic in your space with antique clocks, wall art, or thermometer in distressed bronze finishes that blend with your patio furniture in Houston.

Antique decorative items make a bold statement on a bare patio wall. Choose abstract designs crafted in metal and engraved with artful touches to transform your decor.

Use these unique ideas of outdoor elements, accessories, and patio furniture in Houston to create an inviting, comfortable, and entertaining space for spending lazy summer days.

Explore Attractive Patio Furniture in Houston Only at Houston Home & Patio!

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How Should I Decorate My Patio?| Houston Home and Patio – Houston, TX