8 Ideas to Create A Cozy Fireplace this Winter

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May 6, 2024

Your fireplace is a stunning focal point any time of the year, but especially in the chilly winter months. During wet seasons or cooler months you probably won’t spend as much time around your outdoor fireplace.  When that glow is as functional as it is decorative, you want to put some extra thought into creating the right ambiance in this space. Putting together a cozy fireplace space will instantly inspire friends and family to gather around the glow, making warm winter memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Repurpose Your Patio Furniture

Some types of outdoor furniture will hold up through the winter season, but other items need a new home. Bring wicker, wood, and other natural patio furniture inside for the winter to protect it from the elements. Use these items in the living room for a cozy fireplace ambiance that just begs friends and family to gather round. Soften up your patio furniture and give it more of an indoor vibe with throw pillows, quilts, and cushions.

Add Molding Details to the Surrounding Wall

Frame out your fireplace with molding on the surrounding wall. Try placing a rectangle of molding just above the mantle to set off this decorative area. Add tall rectangles to either side of the fireplace as well, or create a tall arch that spans the fireplace. This is an elegant way to add depth and interest to your fireplace.

Paint the Fireplace Wall an Accent Color

A fireplace is an ideal feature for a warm and welcoming accent wall. Set off this side of the room even more by painting the wall behind the fireplace. A warm color like rust red or soft clay will create a welcoming atmosphere that just begs your winter guests to gather around and warm their hands.

You can enhance this element in the cold months by using other decorative elements, like throw pillows and blankets, that stay within the same warm color family. In summer, when you want the room to feel lighter and airier, choose a cool contrasting hue like slate blue or sage green.

Hang Décor Above the Mantle

The area above the mantle is the perfect canvas for creating a cozy, welcoming area around your fireplace. One popular approach is to feature a mirror in the center with wall sconces to either side. You might also fill the space with a painting for the perfect touch of personalization. Some homeowners choose to hang a flat-screen TV above the mantle. This creates an instantly cozy viewing experience with the gentle glow of the fire beneath your favorite holiday movies.

Create a Cozy Mantle Collection

Some rotating pieces of décor will create a distinctive seasonal ambiance on the mantle over your fireplace. Holiday decorations like soft stockings, charming snowman sculptures, and strings of warm twinkling lights create a distinctly cozy atmosphere. Since winter extends far beyond the holidays, you may want some other items to swap in after the new year. Try natural elements like garlands, wreaths, pine branches, or sprays of berries. These bring the few vibrant colors of the season indoors to create an eye-catching mantle piece.

Gather Blankets Near the Hearth

Set up a wicker basket to one or both sides of the hearth and fill them with soft blankets to cozy up your fireplace space in the winter. Fleece buffalo check throws, chunky afghans, and patchwork quilts all have a warm, welcoming appeal as they’re spilling out of a woven basket. These features are as functional as they are decorative, doing double duty throughout the winter season.

Set Up a Decorative Fireplace Screen

Set up a fireplace screen in winter for both safety and charm. The screen will keep wayward embers from making unsightly marks on your rug and protect small children playing near the fire’s welcoming glow. Meanwhile, a decorative screen with a lovely design will add interest to your mantle space.

Create Seasonal Symmetry on Either Side

Add to the ambiance around your fireplace with symmetrical decorations on either side of the fire. These might be twin Christmas trees, towering floral arrangements, framed paintings, elaborate light fixtures, or even long, heavy curtains if you have windows to either side of the fireplace. Elements like these help frame your fire, accentuate the focal point, and add an undeniable draw to this part of the room.

The right décor can go a long way toward transforming your home. Select quality decor items so you’ll always have a stock of beautiful pieces to work with.