How to style your outdoor firepit

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May 6, 2024

There’s nothing quite as cozy as hanging out with friends and family around a crackling fire. Sure, sitting around a campfire while camping is a fun way to spend the evening, but you can also enjoy an outdoor fire pit on your patio or in your garden space without having to leave home. While the fire pit alone makes for an attractive setting, completing the area with outdoor furniture and accessories elevates your outdoor fire pit location.

Whether you want fire pits to roast marshmallows with the kids, warm up on a cool evening, or enjoy a romantic night snuggled under a blanket with someone special, you’ll also want updated patio furniture to complete your unique outdoor space. Here are several ideas on how to style your outdoor fire pit in the Houston, Texas, area.

Pick the Right Outdoor Seating

Depending on the type of outdoor theme you want, choosing the perfect type of outdoor seating can style and enhance your outdoor fire pit. For a relaxing theme, add loungers or club chairs with ottomans for your guests to put their feet on.

Create a romantic atmosphere with a double chaise lounge or a love-seat glider where a couple can snuggle under a blanket together. Elegant outdoor seating with plush cushions will invite your guests to linger comfortably while gazing into the fire pit. For a tropical-style theme, place woven or wicker furniture around the patio, and for a rustic look, choose wrought-iron tables and chairs covered with comfortable cushions.

Keep Colorful Blankets and Throws Nearby

Your guests and family will appreciate the thoughtful touch of having warm blankets and throws to drape across their shoulders or laps when the evening turns chilly. Depending on your backyard or patio theme, you can keep your blankets and throws rolled up and placed in seagrass baskets or trunks with an open lid.

Make a colorful statement by placing brightly patterned coverings across the back of your outdoor chairs, sectionals, or loungers. If you have a wall around the fire pit area, consider placing a wooden ladder against the wall and hanging your blankets and throws on the ladder for a charming and rustic appearance.

Hang String Lights

Give your outdoor fire pit area a magical appearance by hanging string lights around the space. You can string the lights through trees, under a pergola or roof covering, or around the pillars of a gazebo or umbrella. Create a whimsical look with string lights that have fairy or magical creature themes, make an elegant theme with globe string lights, or enjoy a festive look with colorful, twinkling lights.

Inserting path lights around the perimeter of the fire pit area helps people maneuver to and from the main house and out to the fire pit location. To help save on energy bills, use string and pathway lights powered by their own solar panels with battery storage.

Put the Fire Pit Near the Hot Tub

If you’re fortunate to have a hot tub in your Houston yard or patio, consider placing a fire pit nearby. Those sitting in the hot tub can benefit from the cozy ambiance the fire creates as it gives them a focal point while relaxing in the hot water.

In addition, once the people have finished soaking in the hot tub, they’ll appreciate wrapping up in a warm blanket and sitting in comfortable chairs near the fire pit to stay warm after their soak. Be sure to have a well-lit walkway to and from the hot tub to keep people safe from falling.

Create Natural Privacy

Unless you want the fire pit and outdoor furniture to be the center of attention, create a cozy, private section of your yard or patio for a more intimate and romantic experience. You can use natural or landscaped vegetation to create privacy, place the fire pit and seating in a naturally secluded spot, or use creative foundations and rock walls to make a private area. Solar path lights and string lights will make your private fire pit area even more special and intimate.

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