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Houston Fire Pits for Your Outdoor Space

Houston Fire Pits outdoor back yard furniture in residential area

Adding an outdoor fire pit to your Houston backyard, patio, or rooftop terrace is a creative way to spruce up and elevate your outdoor living space. An outdoor fire pit makes an appealing center of attraction for your outdoor space and is a great focal point while relaxing in your yard or patio. While you can find several varieties of fire pits to choose from, discover our recommendations for different options when selecting the best Houston fire pits.

Fire pit styles

Depending on your needs for an outdoor fire pit and your backyard or patio decor, you can choose from various fire pit styles and fire stone, from a traditional round fire pit to a contemporary rectangular or square-shaped fire pit. The most common styles of Houston fire pits include:

Fire pit bowls

Fire pit bowls are reminiscent of the classic campfire shape and create optimum warmth with their deep bowl. You can move specific fire pit bowl types around because of their size and portability. This feature allows you to change the location of your outdoor fire pit space, making fire pit bowls flexible.

Fire tables

Fire tables come in round, rectangular or square shapes, adding an elegant and modern appearance to your outdoor living space. These fire pit options often have a ledge to set a cup or glass on, making fire tables ideal for entertaining. Usually, the manufacturer of fire tables gives them an insert for the fuel source, concealing the firebox while only exposing the fire table frame and flames.

Tabletop fire pits and bowls

If you have a small outdoor space, consider having a tabletop fire pit or chat height fire pit that takes up minimum space. These pint-sized fire pits create a warm ambiance while dining, similar to burning candles, but with a bit more warmth.


Consider adding a chiminea to your yard or patio if you’re looking for a rustic outdoor fire pit that uses minimal space. These terra-cotta fire pits have a distinct Mexican or Southwestern style, adding a charming look to your outdoor space. Because chimineas have a clay surface, they require special care to keep them from cracking or breaking.

Fire pit fuel types

Several of the above fire pit styles create warmth and ambiance from the following fuel sources:


Wood-burning fire pits bring warmth and a focal point to your outdoor space. The smell of wood smoke often reminds people of camping and fun outdoor activities. If you want a wood-burning fire pit, look for fire bowls with a deep hole to hold the wood. Chimineas are the ideal fire pit for burning wood. Keeping an ash or spark screen over the wood-burning fire pit can help reduce sparks from flying into the air and landing in unwanted areas.

Propane and natural gas

Many people appreciate the ease of using propane and natural gas fire pits. This fire pit style turns on with a flick of a switch and comes with controls to adjust the flame height and intensity. Many propane and natural gas fire pits have timers that can turn off after a set amount of time. People who don’t want to haul wood or clean up ashes enjoy propane and natural gas fire pits. In addition, authorities generally allow fire pits that use propane or natural gas in areas where they ban or restrict wood-burning devices.

Gel fuel

If you have a small tabletop fire pit or bowl and want a smokeless experience, you can use alcohol-based gel fuel to create the ambiance of a backyard campfire. Gel fuel fire pits don’t need propane or natural gas lines or hookups, making them portable. You can move them around your outdoor space as needed.

To light the fuel, open gel fuel cans, place them inside your gel fuel fire pit, and light up the ceramic logs or stones. Once lit, the fuel generally lasts for about three hours. Gel fuel fire pits are an environmentally friendly alternative to propane, natural gas, or wood-burning fire pits.

Choose Houston Home & Patio for your outdoor oasis 

Home and Patio is the premier place to get outdoor seating and furniture in the Houston, Texas, area, including gas operated outdoor fire pits, a variety of fire stones and glass, as well as a bevy of patio decor items. We can also repair your damaged sling furniture and recommend cleaning solutions for various outdoor furniture surfaces.

Call us today at 281-440-7667 or contact us through our website to learn more about our Houston Home and Patio services and schedule a consultation.

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How to style your outdoor firepit

Outdoor Firepit and wicker style furniture

There’s nothing quite as cozy as hanging out with friends and family around a crackling fire. Sure, sitting around a campfire while camping is a fun way to spend the evening, but you can also enjoy an outdoor fire pit on your patio or in your garden space without having to leave home. While the fire pit alone makes for an attractive setting, completing the area with outdoor furniture and accessories elevates your outdoor fire pit location.

Whether you want fire pits to roast marshmallows with the kids, warm up on a cool evening, or enjoy a romantic night snuggled under a blanket with someone special, you’ll also want updated patio furniture to complete your unique outdoor space. Here are several ideas on how to style your outdoor fire pit in the Houston, Texas, area.

Pick the Right Outdoor Seating

Depending on the type of outdoor theme you want, choosing the perfect type of outdoor seating can style and enhance your outdoor fire pit. For a relaxing theme, add loungers or club chairs with ottomans for your guests to put their feet on.

Create a romantic atmosphere with a double chaise lounge or a love-seat glider where a couple can snuggle under a blanket together. Elegant outdoor seating with plush cushions will invite your guests to linger comfortably while gazing into the fire pit. For a tropical-style theme, place woven or wicker furniture around the patio, and for a rustic look, choose wrought-iron tables and chairs covered with comfortable cushions.

Keep Colorful Blankets and Throws Nearby

Your guests and family will appreciate the thoughtful touch of having warm blankets and throws to drape across their shoulders or laps when the evening turns chilly. Depending on your backyard or patio theme, you can keep your blankets and throws rolled up and placed in seagrass baskets or trunks with an open lid.

Make a colorful statement by placing brightly patterned coverings across the back of your outdoor chairs, sectionals, or loungers. If you have a wall around the fire pit area, consider placing a wooden ladder against the wall and hanging your blankets and throws on the ladder for a charming and rustic appearance.

Hang String Lights

Give your outdoor fire pit area a magical appearance by hanging string lights around the space. You can string the lights through trees, under a pergola or roof covering, or around the pillars of a gazebo or umbrella. Create a whimsical look with string lights that have fairy or magical creature themes, make an elegant theme with globe string lights, or enjoy a festive look with colorful, twinkling lights.

Inserting path lights around the perimeter of the fire pit area helps people maneuver to and from the main house and out to the fire pit location. To help save on energy bills, use string and pathway lights powered by their own solar panels with battery storage.

Put the Fire Pit Near the Hot Tub

If you’re fortunate to have a hot tub in your Houston yard or patio, consider placing a fire pit nearby. Those sitting in the hot tub can benefit from the cozy ambiance the fire creates as it gives them a focal point while relaxing in the hot water.

In addition, once the people have finished soaking in the hot tub, they’ll appreciate wrapping up in a warm blanket and sitting in comfortable chairs near the fire pit to stay warm after their soak. Be sure to have a well-lit walkway to and from the hot tub to keep people safe from falling.

Create Natural Privacy

Unless you want the fire pit and outdoor furniture to be the center of attention, create a cozy, private section of your yard or patio for a more intimate and romantic experience. You can use natural or landscaped vegetation to create privacy, place the fire pit and seating in a naturally secluded spot, or use creative foundations and rock walls to make a private area. Solar path lights and string lights will make your private fire pit area even more special and intimate.

Our team at Home and Patio looks forward to helping you style your outdoor fire pit in the Houston area. Give us a call at 281-440-7667 or contact us through our website to set up a consultation about the best types of outdoor furniture in Houston for your unique outdoor living space.

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Top 5 Durable Types of Outdoor Patio Furniture

wooden patio furniture with stylish colors

Having the perfect outdoor patio furniture can elevate your home’s outdoor living space. Durable outdoor patio furniture lasts for years while retaining its elegant appearance. Your guests will be impressed with the beauty, comfort, and stability of your patio furniture when it’s made from eye-catching and lasting materials. 

With proper maintenance and care, you can keep your durable outdoor patio furniture looking new for years to come. To make finding the best durable patio furniture easy, we have put together a list of the top five types of patio furniture that will keep your outdoor living space comfortable and welcoming.

1. Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio Furniture

One of the most durable types of outdoor patio furniture you can have is made from wrought iron. Wrought iron furniture is timeless-looking, weather-resistant, and heavy enough to withstand most winds. You can easily clean wrought iron furniture with a damp cloth, and if you notice the paint chipping, you can touch it up with a matching color. Add a splash of color to your wrought iron patio furniture by adding durable pillows with abstract, floral, or tribal patterns.

2. Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture

Wicker outdoor patio furniture creates a pleasing tropical theme for your outdoor living space. This type of eye-appealing patio furniture is lightweight, making it easy to move around the patio. Synthetic wicker is made with durable resins from plants. The resin is allowed to dry and harden, giving the outdoor furniture a long life.

You can get synthetic wicker in a wide range of shades to make your outdoor living space unique to your lifestyle. In addition, synthetic wicker patio furniture can stand up to a variety of weather conditions, such as UV rays and saltwater chlorine. This type of patio furniture easily sheds dirt and dust, helping to keep it looking fresh all season long.

3. Polymer and Plastic Outdoor Patio Furniture

When you’re looking for affordable and lightweight patio furniture, consider plastic or polymer pieces. Plastic outdoor furniture holds up well to weather, is stackable, and is easy to move, store, and clean. While plastic patio furniture is cost-effective, especially if you need lots of pieces for large parties or events, it is prone to cracking and fading if left in the sunshine too long.

Buying recycled plastic furniture is a sustainable way to have this type of outdoor furniture in your backyard or on your patio. One aspect of having polymer or plastic furniture is that it can come in a wide range of colors and shapes that help to customize your outdoor living space.

4. Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture

For the ultimate in luxurious patio furniture, choose pieces made from durable hardwood like teak, ipe, white oak, cedar, acacia, or redwood. These types of wood are generally rot-resistant, insect-resistant, and have beautiful grains for an eye-catching look. While wood furniture can elevate your patio or yard, it takes maintenance to keep it looking beautiful.

You’ll want to apply weather sealant to the wood furniture and all-weather varnish to help keep it resistant to weather and solar rays. Periodically, you’ll need to sand the old varnish off, especially when it begins to peel or becomes yellow-looking. After sanding the wood outdoor patio furniture, wipe it down with a damp cloth, allow it to dry, and then apply a sealer. Finish the pieces with waterproofing, and your wood furniture will look vibrant and elegant.

5. Cast Aluminum Outdoor Patio Furniture

Cast aluminum differs from normal aluminum in the way it’s made. Most aluminum outdoor patio furniture is hollow and tubular and then bent into the shape of a chair, bench, stool, or table. Cast aluminum gets heated and poured into a mold for the shape of the desired piece of furniture. Having patio furniture molded gives it extra strength and durability while still maintaining its lightweight feature. Manufacturers of cast aluminum furniture can make the pieces unique, from ones with sleek, contemporary designs to ornate pieces similar to what you would find in wrought iron pieces.

When you’re looking for outdoor patio furniture that will last for years under the Texas sun, Houston’s Home and Patio can find the perfect sets or individual pieces for your unique backyard. Home and Patio is Houston’s premier store dedicated to outdoor living. Contact us today and our professional team will work with you to make sure you have the best outdoor patio furniture for your Texas lifestyle.