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Outdoor Beach Decor: Creating a Beachy Vibe on Your Patio

beach decor wicker furniture

Imagine sipping a refreshing drink while lounging in your outdoor space, feeling the gentle breeze, and listening to the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore. You don’t have to be at the beach to experience this coastal serenity. With the right beach-themed patio ideas and decor, you can bring the beachy vibe to your own outdoor living area. Houston Home and Patio is here to help you transform your patio into a coastal retreat with our selection of outdoor furniture and accessories. In this blog, we’ll explore some fantastic beach patio decor ideas, featuring products like outdoor barstools, throw pillows, firepits, hammocks, and mosaic table tops, to help you create the perfect beachy ambiance in Houston, TX.

Ease Up to Outdoor Barstools:

beach decor barstools

One of the essential elements in creating a beachy outdoor vibe is comfortable seating. Our outdoor barstools provide a laid-back, coastal feel. You can choose from a variety of materials and designs that match your style. Wicker or rattan barstools are particularly popular choices, as they evoke the natural textures and colors of the beach.

Integrate Local Houston Flora:

houston palmetto palm

Enhance the beachy vibe of your outdoor area with native Houston plants. Incorporating species like Gulf Coast Muhly Grass, Texas Lantana, or Dwarf Palmetto Palm can evoke the coastal landscapes of the Gulf of Mexico. These plants are not only low-maintenance but also resilient in Houston’s climate.

Accentuate Color with Decorative Throw Pillows:

beach decor pillows

Add a splash of beachy colors and patterns with decorative outdoor throw pillows. Opt for designs that feature seashells, starfish, palm trees, or nautical stripes. These pillows not only provide comfort but also bring a touch of the sea to your outdoor space. Mixing and matching different pillow patterns can create a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Stoke the Firepits:

beach decor firepit

A firepit is a fantastic addition to your beach-themed patio. Picture yourself gathered around a warm fire with friends and family, just like a beach bonfire. Choose a firepit with a beach-inspired design, such as a shell or wave pattern on the outer rim. It not only adds warmth but also creates a cozy and relaxed beach atmosphere.

Sling the Hammocks:

beach decor hammock swingNothing says beach relaxation like a hammock. Installing a hammock in your outdoor living area allows you to sway gently in the breeze while taking in the beauty of your coastal-inspired decor. Choose a hammock in beachy colors or patterns, and you’ll feel like you’re on a beachside retreat without leaving your backyard.

Create a Colorful Focal Point with Mosaic Table Tops:

beach decor mosaic tabletopsMosaic table tops featuring ocean-inspired designs can become a focal point of your beach patio decor. These tables can be used for dining or as side tables, and they add a touch of artistry to your outdoor space. Opt for mosaic patterns that incorporate seashells, seagulls, or beach scenes to complete the beachy look.

Enhance Ambience with Lighting:

beach decor patio lanterns

To capture the magic of the beach, consider adding coastal-inspired lighting to your patio. String lights with seashell or starfish designs can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially during evening gatherings. Alternatively, lantern-style fixtures in weathered finishes can add a rustic, beachy charm to your outdoor space.


With the right beach-themed patio ideas and decor, you can turn your outdoor living area in Houston, TX into a tranquil coastal haven. Houston Home and Patio offers a wide selection of outdoor furniture and accessories, including outdoor barstools, throw pillows, firepits, hammocks, and mosaic table tops, to help you achieve the perfect beachy vibe. Whether you’re looking to relax in a hammock, enjoy a beach bonfire, or simply sit back in a wicker barstool, we have the products you need to make your outdoor space a beach lover’s paradise. Visit our store and start creating your outdoor beach decor today!

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5 Ways to Transform Your Patio into an Oasis

Telescope Casual Belle Isle

You’re looking for ways to spruce up your new patio, so you search “patio furniture Houston” to get some ideas. However, the results are overwhelming!

Looking to narrow it down and find some more specific ways to turn your patio into an oasis? Read on.

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5 Ways to Turn Your Patio into an Oasis

Take your patio from drab to fab with these 5 great tips.

1 – Update Your Patio Furniture

The first and easiest way to turn your patio into an oasis is updating your furniture. Still using old plastic chairs you picked up decades ago? Throw them out and replace them with gorgeous “patio furniture Houston” that complements your style.

Depending on how much maintenance you want to do and the look you’re going for, research your options. Choose from furniture materials such as:

  • Wicker
  • Wood
  • Aluminum, Steel, or Wrought Iron
  • Polymer
  • Fabric

“Polymer patio furniture is the easiest type to clean.”

red and resin wicker patio furniture around a table2 – Add Some Pops of Color

When choosing patio furniture in Houston, don’t go too bland. Sure, you want your furniture to match and look great, but you also don’t want it to be boring.

Add some pops of color into your patio by choosing the right patio furniture. A touch of red here, a splash of yellow there – add some life into your patio with the right pieces for a beautiful look that makes you feel great.

“Check out our LaneVenture South Hampton collection, shown in the photo to the right.”

Plus, with summer approaching, a bit of color is exactly what your patio furniture needs to take it up a notch.

If you’ve already got your ideal “patio furniture Housto ,” buy a few throw pillows or accent decor pieces to add in some color.

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3 – Add Mood Lighting

The right lighting can make or break your outdoor patio space.

Add some hanging lights to your patio. They’re affordable, come in a ton of styles and colors, and make any patio look amazing.

Whether you’re going for beach paradise, zen, shabby chic, or something else, the right lights can bring it all together.


“Houston Home and Patio are the patio furniture Houston experts.”

citronella candle4 – Keep Bugs at Bay

You can’t enjoy your patio when mosquitoes keep biting you!

These pesky insects do more than just cause itchy bites; they can also carry dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, mosquitoes are most active between dawn to dusk. However, you want to enjoy your patio anytime. You shouldn’t have to schedule spending time on your patio to avoid mosquitoes. Keep your patio mosquito-free with these tips.

  • Make sure there’s no standing water. Drain any water from inflatable pools, bird baths, or other items.
  • Add natural repellents. Add some natural repellents to your garden like marigolds, red cedar mulch, mint, garlic, and/or rosemary.
  • Use coffee grounds. Place them in an open container outside for 1 month. When you find standing water, sprinkle the grounds on it. This kills mosquito larvae; the eggs float to the surface of the water and are deprived of oxygen.
  • Make lavender ribbons. Mosquitoes hate the smell of lavender. Simply add a drop of it to some ribbons and hang them around your windows and beneath tables and chairs to keep them away.
  • Light citronella candles. This is a popular way to ward off mosquitoes and it’s a common ingredient in many insect repellents. It’s strong citrus-y scent prevents mosquitoes from bothering your patio.
  • Barbecue rosemary. It may sound strange, but it’s true. Throw rosemary on the grill and they will work to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • Install a tent or mosquito net. Protect yourself from pests with an easy-to-install mosquito net or tent around your patio.
  • Hang birdhouses. Birds eat mosquitoes, so encourage them to hang out around your patio by installing bird houses.

two iron chairs with flowers on patio4 – Plant a Garden

Adding a garden or a few plants to your patio is a great way to spruce it up.

If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, choose some fake plants or simply pick up some “beginner” plants, such as sunflowers, zinnia, marigolds, or pansies.

Note that some plants are meant to stay indoors, while others are best cared for outside. Here are some of the best patio plants:

  • Skimmia Rubella
  • Euonymus
  • Geraniums
  • Sunflowers
  • Bamboo
  • Petunias
  • Sedums
  • Jasmine
  • Hostas
  • Gardenias
  • Angel’s Trumpet
  • Coralbells
  • Angelonia
  • Banana Plant
  • Lantana
  • Plumbago
  • Mandevilla

Gardening also has many health benefits. According to AARP, working in a garden boosts mood and lowers risk of dementia. Plus, it’s a great form of aerobic exercise.

5 – Add Some Decor

When working on transforming your patio, don’t forget the finishing touches: decor!

To really bring your patio space together, you’ll want to add some accent pieces, such as:

  • Clocks
  • Thermometers
  • Rugs
  • Lamps
  • Other Decor

“Don’t forget furniture covers!”

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5 Ways to Transform Your Patio into an Oasis | Houston Home & Patio – Houston, TX

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How to Preserve Your Patio Furniture

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Maintaining Outdoor Patio Furnishings

We all know that Houston weather can be rough, and can ruin just about anything, including your outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture takes a beating over the seasons. Sun and weather beat down onto them all year. These are the best ways to maintain your patio furniture to keep them looking their best. 

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