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Jazz Up Your Space With Upgraded Fireplace Doors

Get a Fresh Look by Upgrading to one of these beautiful Fireplace Doors

Your fireplace is a natural focal point of the home. If it’s not complimenting your decor the way you’d like, consider installing new doors to get a fresh look and upgraded appeal.

Corner Multi-Side Fireplace Doors

Two-sided corner fireplace doors add interest and depth to your fireplace. This type of door allows you to view the glowing fire from multiple angles, so you can fully appreciate its charming ambiance. If your home has a deep mantle with space for this type of feature, it’s hard to go wrong with a multi-side fireplace door upgrade. You’ll find that your fireplace instantly looks larger and more impressive. Use this type of door to amplify the effect of a centrally-located fireplace or to add more visibility for a corner fireplace. 

If you’ve been thinking about installing fireplace doors with a blower, this multi-sided door may present a welcome alternative. You’ll have greater access to the flames so you can stoke the fire more effectively while still maintaining complete control.

Banded Scroll Fireplace Doors

An elegant banded scroll fireplace door makes your fireplace more decorative even when it’s not actively burning. It’s not practical to keep a fire burning at all times, so you want to choose a fireplace door that will look lovely even when the grate is cold. A banded scroll fireplace door design incorporates beautiful decorative scrollwork with a bronze finish for unparalleled sophistication.

Upgrading your fireplace with a decorative design reinforces the fireplace as a focal point of your living space. Use this approach for any refined living area where you want to create a cultured environment. Pair these scrollwork doors with a white painted mantle adorned with lush floral arrangements and sleek sculptures.

Blacksmith Fireplace Doors

If you’re upgrading your fireplace doors in a rustic living space, blacksmith doors are the perfect choice. This design emphasizes fine metalwork with old-world touches that immediately hearken back to simpler times. Elements like large decorative hinges and elaborate handles add interest to this style. With an arched shape, this door style frames your fire beautifully, creating an image that’s as charming as any painting.

Pair blacksmith-style doors with other rustic elements around your fireplace like a heavy butcher block-style mantle and timeless metal lantern candle holders. Exposed wood and brick enhance this type of home decor perfectly, serving as the ideal complement to your blacksmith doors.

Craftsman Fireplace Doors

Craftsman-style doors feature a window pane design with a simple rectangular frame around your fireplace. This classic look fits with nearly any style home. If you’re upgrading your fireplace to help you sell your home, this is a great option because the look is flexible enough to suit a variety of personal decorating styles. Clean and timeless, this option provides an open view of the fire with just enough added decoration to enhance the overall appearance of the fireplace. The mantel-style door is a very similar option with a little extra detailing along the top of the door.

Moderne Fireplace Doors

Moderne doors over the fireplace complement any contemporary home design. Modern home designs are all about clean lines, sleek spaces, and stark minimalism. The Moderne Original door features a brushed silver-colored frame and four glass panes. Lacking any other decorative elements, this type of door lets the fire blaze in all its glory with nothing to take away from this bright focal point. 

If you prefer something a little more futuristic, the Moderne Roller offers an intriguing approach with two separate panes that roll toward or away from each other. The Moderne Slim Frame is as minimalist as it gets with one small, slim frame around the fire that’s hardly noticeable. With a modern fireplace, you may forgo the traditional mantel altogether. Leave the space above the fireplace empty or use it to hang a stunning painting or large flat-screen TV. Pare down on the knickknacks and let the simplicity of the space speak for itself.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home, check out Houston Home Patio. This fireplace store in Houston carries all these styles and more to help you take your home to the next level. Whether you’re working with a rustic old-world look or a sleek contemporary space, we have fireplace features that will fit your environment.