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Top 6 Best Pieces of Patio Furniture for Spring, TX

Choosing furnishings for your living space is an essential process because what you pick will impact your comfort and ability to relax in your home. But when you live in the Spring, Texas, area, you can also extend your living space into the outdoor areas on your property. Decking out your patio with high-quality and comfortable furnishings can encourage guests to spend time outdoors while feeling relaxed and comfortable. Take a closer look at the top six pieces of patio furniture to add to your outdoor living space.

Best Patio Furniture

Dining Table With Chairs

A dining table with chairs is a useful addition to any outdoor space. Putting this type of outdoor furniture on your patio ensures that those using the space have an area to sit down and dine alfresco. Since the climate is pleasant here in Spring throughout the year, eating outside is an enjoyable activity whether you’re dining with your immediate family or throwing a cookout with friends. You can also use the table to do other activities, such as playing games or working from home.

When choosing an outdoor dining table with chairs to add to your patio, look for styles designed and rated for outdoor use. Certain materials may warp or sustain damage when exposed to the elements, so unless you want to put the table away when it’s not in use, opt for one that will hold up well. If you plan to sit outside for longer periods, you might choose chairs with padding or a cushion for improved comfort.

Sofa or Couch

sofa and couch set

When you want to maximize comfort in your outdoor space, adding some indoor-inspired pieces can make that happen. A comfy couch or sofa is an appealing option, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outside. Many of the pieces offered at Houston Home Patio, a trusted patio furniture company located in the Spring area, are made from materials that can get wet and won’t fade, even when exposed to the elements. Tie the space together with an outdoor rug that adds a touch of softness beneath your feet.


Since the sun’s rays can get hot, especially during the late spring and summer months, it’s worth investing in an umbrella as part of your patio setup. Patio umbrellas come in various sizes and styles, including freestanding and table-mounted options. In addition, it’s helpful to get an umbrella that can tilt to block out the sun no matter where it’s positioned in the sky.


If your outdoor space features a kitchen with a bar, adding barstools is a great option to increase seating without disrupting traffic flow. Barstools are highly functional and encourage people to sit down, even when preparing food or chatting with the grill master of the patio. You can choose from various styles and heights, including swiveling stools, bar stools with and without armrests, and coastal-inspired options. All of these styles and more are available at Houston Home Patio, a leading patio furniture company in Spring, Texas.

Fireplace or Fire Pit

A fire can make a space feel cozier and more welcoming. A gas fire pit or fireplace provides those benefits without producing smoke, making either option a great addition to your patio. You can shop for traditional fire tables with space around the edges for plates and cups and more modern styles with clean lines. It’s smart to add seating around your fire pit or fireplace, allowing people to sit next to the fire and enjoy its warmth and ambiance. 


If relaxation is your main priority, adding a hammock to your patio is a must. For many people, a hammock feels like a getaway, allowing the user to gently swing while being immersed in their natural surroundings. If you have trees that allow adding a hammock, you can hang it between them. If your trees won’t support a hammock or you don’t want to hang it, you can also get a stand that allows you to put it wherever you want.

As you decide which of these top-rated patio furniture pieces are ideal for your outdoor space, head to Houston Home Patio to look at the options we have in stock. Our selection includes all different styles and designs, ensuring that every customer can find what they want to deck out their patio.